DataPage+ SPC

Customers Measurement Data is often scattered throughout a manufacturing plant and gathered using a variety of devices such as CMMs, laser trackers, articulating arms, vision systems, theodolites, callipers, height gauges, and so on. Results are created in differing formats, and often remain in isolation, stuck with the device.


DataPage+ SPC – allows users to collect all their measurement data from any EMS suite program such as PC-DMIS CMM, PC-DMIS Vision, and PC-DMIS Portable, plus import data in a variety of other formats.
Multiple types of charts, histograms and graphs can be organized for real-time viewing and monitoring, with drill-down capabilities for individual data points.

Supported Chart Types:
Run, Individual, Subgroup, Histogram, Cumulative Probability, ATT Test, Target, Individual, Target Group, Pareto Variable, Pareto 6 Sigma, Bar & Whisker, Multi, Multi Run, Process
A CAD file** of the part can be imported into DataPage+, and viewed “live” inside the program, or incorporated into a report output.


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