CMM Calibration

CMM Calibration

If you want to maintain your machine’s accuracy, you need to carry out a regular schedule of maintenance and calibration.  Calibrating CMMs is essential for ensuring they deliver consistent, reliable measurements. At Status Metrology, we offer you many different calibration options for machines you buy from us or for CMMs you purchase somewhere else. Each machine needs a different and careful approach to calibration. We have many years of experience keeping CMMs well calibrated and maintained.

Flexible Maintenance & Calibration Contracts

If you are looking for a maintenance contract, we have several options available for you below. The main advantages of signing a service contract with our company include saving time and money – as well as peace of mind. Having the professionals deal with your machine ensures excellent throughput for many years. You don’t have to worry about servicing your equipment on time. We’ll do it for you. At Status Metrology, we have a team of calibration and maintenance experts that deal exclusively with Coordinate Measuring Machines.

Accurate Service Without Interruption

CMM precision is vital for perfect results. To provide 100% continuous output from the CMM, you must calibrate it accurately within the required performance parameters. Frequently, the service you provide your customers depends closely on how well and how accurately you conduct your measurements, while maintaining production speed. Without a well calibrated machine, meeting the twin demands of accuracy and throughput can be hard to balance.

Personalised Customer Support

Besides offering high-quality CMM calibration services, we provide excellent customer support options for clients who sign up for our flexible service contract. We offer service contracts for any budget and all of them include free telephone service support and a quick response in the event of a breakdown.


You can contact Service by:

  1. Call +44 (0)115 939 2228
  2. Email us Direct
  3. Use the Response Form

Equipment we can calibrate:


We can offer a range of different CMM service contract solutions to suit your requirements:

BRONZE Contract

  • Annual preventative maintenance and verification
  • Guaranteed re-verification dates
  • Issue of traceable certification
  • Free service telephone support
  • Ad-Hoc Breakdown response Standard 72 hour (24 hour if possible)

SILVER Contract

Same cover as Bronze with the addition to include…

  • Unlimited on-site fast response support
  • Guaranteed 48 hour response call-out (24 hour if possible)

GOLD Contract

Same cover as Silver with the addition to include…

  • Unlimited on-site fast response support
  • Replacement spare parts
  • Guaranteed 48 hour response call-out (24 hour if possible)


Same cover as Gold with the addition to include…

  • Unlimited on-site fast response support
  • Replacement spare parts
  • Quality Standard 24 hour guaranteed call-out


Other Services

At Status Metrology we provide calibration solutions for all CMM-related equipment, so you will have all the services in one place. If you would like to find out if our CMM calibration services are right for you, fill out a free quote form and our staff will get back to you with a timely response.

Excellent CMM quality is our ultimate goal. We can help you achieve it.

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