Maintaining your CMM in good condition is mandatory for proper operation. Without maintenance and regular servicing, your CMM is at greater risk of developing a serious fault, leading to downtime and lost productivity – and to loss of accuracy. At Status Metrology we offer several accessories to help you maintain and upgrade your CMM in house. As technology races forward, keeping your CMM in top-notch condition is the key to saving money and boosting profits.


CMM Cleaning Kit
While CMMs are made to last, regular maintenance is vital to error-free and fast inspection processes. The cleaning kit allows you to keep the Coordinate Measuring Machine in good condition and prevent breakdowns. Allow your CMM to serve you longer by cleaning it on a regular basis.
In this catalogue, you can find a variety of components (base plates, accessories with M4, M6, and M8 threaded fittings) to make the measurements faster and easier. No matter what part you are about to inspect, you can find a fixturing solution in our catalogue. All the accessories are quick to assemble in order to increase your throughout.

Properly chosen styli will maximise measuring accuracy. At Status Metrology, we offer a wide variety of styli from short to long, equipped with various sized balls made from numerous materials. You can base your selection on:

  • Stylus ball roundness
  • Stylus flexibility/stiffness
  • Thermal stability of a stylus
  • Stylus tip material selection


Expert Advice From The Metrology Specialists


At Status Metrology, we keep our accessories catalogues updated and bring you the most demanded solutions on the market today. Our list of accessories is updated on a regular basis.

Choosing the proper accessories for your CMM can extend its lifespan and make the use more convenient and accurate. Our specialists can give you advice on which accessories to choose for your CMM. In order to receive information and check the availability, just complete the enquiry form and someone will be in touch asap.

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