New CMMs

New CMMs

Besides offering precise measurements for any object, the new Status Metrology CMMs allow you to save time and money while obtaining measurements in virtually any area. The hard-to-reach or tough-to-move objects are not an obstacle for our range of Status Metrology CMMs. You can take advantage of the new models to make batch inspections, fault finding, FAIR, inspection to CAD, tool trial reports, and more.

Status Elite New CMMs

Status supply high performance new CMMs at entry level prices. Our entry level coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) aim high above entry level standards!

Select from our range of New Contact CMMs or Non Contact (Optical) CMMs.

Full CNC System from just £30,000

Investing In New Measurement Equipment

If your company is ready to invest in state-of-the-art metrology equipment, software, and rigorous employee training, our new entry-level CMMs can become irreplaceable assistants. Each model is unique and can be calibrated to suit your specific needs.

In the modern world, where CMM technologies are becoming more complex and the manufacturing process needs to be accelerated, a coordinate measuring machine is an integral part of any complex project. Taking advantage of its capabilities means maintaining the manufacturing process up-to-date while saving company resources.

New generation CMMs have a range of features that make in-house inspection far easier and less time consuming, giving you a productive edge and saving operational costs. With a new CMM, you won’t need to worry about taking large objects out of the factory and investing in dimensional lab services. All of the coordinate measurements are done on the spot. The CMM is a robot, which has become an integral part of the 21st-century manufacturing process. It’s an investment any large company that requires precise measuring should want to make. The machine provides accurate results in a fairly short amount of time.

The automotive and aerospace-related industries are benefitting from the quick, vital, and accurate new generation machines to fine-tune the manufacturing process and boost the profits. The companies that strive to have full quality control and provide the most demanded mechanisms in their respective industry niches need a reliable CMM to do the measuring job for them.

The Benefits:

  • Faster acceleration – Higher speeds
  • Maximising throughput – Minimising costs
  • Maximum accuracy and reliable results
  • Very long life with ultra low maintenance

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